Greg’s Adventures



music ramblings

·3 mins
A couple days back I picked up the Phantom of the Opera movie soundtrack.

Folder actions

·1 min
Yes it is more Mac OS X rambling.

meetings again

·2 mins
Yesterday I had the first meeting from Helen’s room scheduled for this week.

from iPod to G5

·4 mins
Well, I’ve really jumped ship now, and I’ve bought a shiny new dual 2ghz G5.


·2 mins
Yes, it is friday.

Yay for iPods

·2 mins
So I picked up an iPod over the weekend, after much research and deliberation.


·1 min
My XP development box at work has beaten Zidane’s uptime record soundly.


·1 min
Your doom is mydoom.

ack the horror

·2 mins
Nobuo Uematsu Leaves Square Enix