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Nobuo Uematsu Leaves Square Enix

While the story isn’t all bad news, I’m really starting to worry about Square/Enix. They seem to have lost many of the folks who made them so magical, and their latest stuff really isn’t living up to their games of the past. I think they know this, and are trying to bank on popular names in the FF series instead of coming up with new an original stuff. A perfect example is all the FF7 stuff that’s coming out. While I loved FF7, and am really looking forward to some of these projects (I think there’s like 4 now, two action rpgs for ps2, the movie and the cell phone game) I can’t help but feel like they are trying to fleece the name for all it’s worth. Then I see things like this story, which lists all the people who’ve left them, and I really get worried. And the new Dragon Quest isn’t even an in house development! I was really surprised to hear that they farmed out one of their biggest franchises.

Thinking of a Final Fantasy game without an Uematsu score makes me want to cry. I mean, listen to the abomination that was Final Fantasy X-2 for an example of the horrors. I’m still trying to pretend that game never happened, at least musically. He’s been doing fewer and fewer tracks in the FF games recently, FF9 being the last FF game he solo composed. I think he did like 2 songs for FF11. I’ve heard he did more for 12, and he’s working on music for one of the FF7 PS2 titles, but who knows after this news.

I really think my beloved Squaresoft is losing their way…