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Lots o music

·1 min

I have OODLES of music. I mean oodles and oodles. I have so much assorted gaming, anime and movie music that sometimes I don’t listen to something for a really really long time.

Every now and then I go through some of my older stuff and rediscover things I’d forgotten I have. One example is an absolutely hilarious “Mariah Carey” parody version of the Magic Knights Rayearth opening theme. Working Designs put it up on their site many years back as an April fools joke. (they were working on the English version of the MKR Saturn game at the time)

Another neat track I have is a “just messing around with a boombox” recording of Soyokaze no Sonachine by a very talented singer. It really sounds fantastic despite the horid sound quality. (EDIT: I should note that I’m pretty sure this track was from one of the folks involved in the wonderful Project Magestic Mix.) I so love music, and I really love to collect random fun things like these.