Greg’s Adventures



Contextual Electronics

·3 mins
I’m certainly not going to run out of things to learn about electronics.

Debugging Success

·2 mins
Yesterday I mentioned I wasn’t able to get debugging going with JTAG and my STM32 dev board.

Cheap STM32 dev board fiddlings

·10 mins
The Prelude # The STM32 has garnered some attention lately as a possible successor/upgrade for the limited AVR microcontrollers that most Arduinos use.


Ubuntu Keyring Gotcha

·3 mins
One nice feature you get for free with OSX is an automatic handy ssh keyring thingie that loads in all your private keys and optionally saves their passphrases to the native keychain app.


Loopback Success

·4 mins
I had one of those geekpride moments last night when trying to deal with a problem I was having with a Minecraft server running ModLoader.



Reverse a dictionary

·1 min
Have you ever wished your dictionary of <K,V> was in fact of <V,K>?