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Day after thanksgiving IS SHOPPING MADDNESS

·2 mins

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a highly spiffy Thanksgiving with all the food and fun one could want.

I am so glad I’m not working retail anymore. I used to dread this day all year. Please folks, be nice to the poor retail workers today. They really have nothing to do with the fact that the UBER SUPER SALE items mentioned in the ad were never in stock even at the start of the day, and were simply a ploy to get you in the store. If you feel the urge to scream at someone, find the nearest board member of the chain in question and yell at him/her.

I’m still having fun with the Mac, and it is still managing to puzzle me on occasion. Apple ships a great free IDE called Xcode that I’ve been playing with. It is excellent and I should be very productive with it. Having the familiar GNU tools around makes life even better. I just wish I could figure out WHY my itunes database keeps randomly duping large numbers of songs. I think I figured out how to stop it, but not WHY. I’ve also been playing with fink, which is a mostly source based collection of OSX ports of various open source things. It is all handled by the fink package manager which feels just like apt, so it probably is.

Apple also provides a nice X11 implementation that works right on top of Carbon. It integrates very nicely. Some of the ported apps require this (like The Gimp), but I can’t really tell it is even running other than it being in the process list, which is just how I like things.

I hope everyone has a GREAT day.