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meetings again

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Yesterday I had the first meeting from Helen’s room scheduled for this week. Tomorrow I have the one I am dreading the most.

Even worse, due to yesterday being an OFIM to remember, with problems and deadlines distracting me all morning, I was **late **to the meeting. And since I ran up several flights of stairs and all around the floor trying to find the room, I was very frazzled and out of breath when I finally made it. I just love Mondays.

Now for some

I’m still very pleased, and I’m learning my way around more every day. I’m starting to find solid replacements for many of the applications I used on a daily basis. Here’s what I’ve settled on at the moment, but if you know me at all, you’ll know this is subject to change on a daily basis.

I’ve switched from Firefox to Safari. Safari just feels faster, and is very well integrated, but it does lack a couple features which I miss, like tab session saving.

For mail, I’ve switched from Thunderbird to is probably the best mail client I’ve ever used. It has everything I liked about Thunderbird, and many things I now can’t live without, like inline spell checking.

Itunes has replaced XMMS and/or Winamp very effectively. I did miss the many plugins I’d found for winamp and XMMS over the years, but I’ve found Quicktime components for many of them.

I’m currently using Adium for IM, but I’m looking around for an alternative, mainly because of bugs like filesending not working and occasional crashes. iChat is close, but it doesn’t support YIM, and has a really a poor conversation logger.

I’m still looking for a good usenet client. Unison is pretty good, and I might end up going with it.

I’ve also been playing with Konfabulator, which is quickly becoming an app I can’t live without. It fills in all the gaps and reminds me of Desktop X from Stardock, only much more cleanly implemented.

I’ve bored you to tears with that list of software and Mac rambling. That should qualify for my villainous deed for today. I hope everyone has a GREAT day. Thanks for reading!