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Yay for iPods

·2 mins

So I picked up an iPod over the weekend, after much research and deliberation. (hearing the virtues first hand from  put me over the edge)

After using it a couple days now I’m very impressed. The iTunes integration is seamless and fast, and I was able to copy my gigantic nearly 100% (I have some out of print stuff I can’t find) legal 31G music collection over in about 40 minutes. Subsequent syncs to update play count/times etc take only a minute or two.

I also bought an album from the music store, and that was a great experience as well. I have had some stability problems with iTunes, which I’m fairly sure are because of my elcheapo AOpen CDR drive. iTunes will just freeze up if I try to rip a CD or burn something. When I remove that drive, all is well and my DVD/CDRW combo drive is faster anyway so I suppose I’ll just give the AOpen away.

I really like the Smart Playlist feature, and the party shuffle. That is a great way to discover songs in my 9000+ track collection that I’ve forgotten about.

In other news, Veronica Mars was picked up for a full season, which is great news. This show reminds me of both Buffy and Alias, and I’m really enjoying it. You might check it out if that description sounds interesting to you. It is on tonight at 9pm eastern on UPN.

In other other news, Halflife 2 is finally out! I haven’t had time to play it yet but it sounds GREAT. I just need to KEEP THE ZOMBIES AWAY WITH MY WALLPAPERED COKE. POMG.