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For some reason, I’ve been feeling the urge to give World of Warcraft another try. As I still have the game installed on the Windows PC, it tempts me from time to time.

I’ve quit twice after playing a short time each instance. I just couldn’t get into it. But with Jerry Pournelle mentioning it all the time, and that damned icon on the gaming machine, it is just so tempting.

Oh well. It only costs 15 dollars to see if anything has changed that will capture my fancy. Now that I’ve finished justifying it to myself, I guess I’ll reactivate my account. ;)

Oh and by the way, did I mention I got a nice new MacBook? I was offered one for a price I couldn’t refuse. I guess I’ll be sending back the Dell that replaced my iBook for a few days. It wasn’t a bad machine, but I sure missed OS X.