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Wow. January of last year was when I last made a substantive post here. I’ve been trying to figure out how to transition back into posting, and that process has led to more procrastinating, and still no post. I’d better just post and be done with it, I guess. Much has happened. I could be dramatic and call this last almost-year life changing. It wouldn’t be that much of an exaggeration, really. But the cliche is that the more things change, the more they stay the same. And that cliche has proven itself with me.

But in other news, I’m reading what may be the best book I’ve read since the last best book I’d read. I know I’m a bit behind the times here, as everyone else already knows about it, but the book is Spin, by Robert Charles Wilson. The whole concept is astonishing, but what makes it so memorable to me is the protagonist. The whole book thus far has been from his perspective, in first person, and it seems that most of my favorite books are in first person and don’t jump perspectives much. There are notable exceptions, of course.

I picked it up a dozen or more weeks ago, and it sat next to my chair waiting to be read all that time. Poor book. Then it won the Hugo and I remembered I still hadn’t even taken it out of the Barnes and Noble bag. It’s really a great book, and that Hugo is well deserved.