Gregory Lincoln
Pragmatic and gently opinionated software generalist and hardware tinkerer with 20 years experience delivering well-tested, maintainable code that automates the annoying and engineers joy. Adept communicator, passionate about empowering others through support, mentoring and collaboration. Driven to learn, grow and help.
Core Skills
  • Leveraging a wide, generalist skill-set toward novel solutions
  • Absorbing the unfamiliar through rapid, fearless self-education and experimentation
  • Troubleshooting weird and wonderful problems and isolating the root cause
  • 10+ years working remotely
Senior Level
.net core / C#
Event Sourcing
Work History
Senior Software Engineer
Galactic Advisors (remote)
January 2022 - December 2022
c#,, python, typescript, alpinejs, aws, linux, laravel, mysql, pulumi, kubernetes
  • Created and drove a plan to progressively migrate away from Laravel to Core 6.
  • Devised and prototyped a process for agentless ongoing internal vulnerability scans.
  • Discovered multiple means of M365 token collection and escalation.
  • Demoed M365 token escalation to bypass OIDC re-authentication.
  • Wrote billing and sales-flow automation to streamline partner acquisition.
  • Implemented a framework for authoring data-driven cybersecurity risk assessments.
  • Worked with the team and company leadership to improve the development process.
  • Mentored and supported junior developers through several successful major releases.
  • Ported our security scanner to MacOS.
Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder
Industrious Kraken (remote)
December 2019 - January 2022
c#,, typescript, angular, aws, linux, terraform, event sourcing, postgresql, cypress
  • Built a SaaS prototype using Aurelia, Web API, PostgreSQL and a Marten event store.
  • Led design, development and testing through MVP and multiple major feature releases.
  • Wrote proof of concept e2e tests with Cypress.
  • Implemented multi-environment CI/CD and wrote Terraform scripts to build the stack in AWS.
Bootcamp Instructor
NuCamp (contractor, remote)
December 2020 - Present
html, css, javascript, nodejs, express, mongodb
  • Ran a bootcamp covering the basics of the big three: HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as a more advanced course on NodeJS, Express and MongoDB.
  • Assisted with updates to NodeJS course.
Director of Technology
Andy Beverly School (remote)
November 2015 - January 2022
c#,, typescript, aurelia, python, aws, linux, postgresql, terraform
  • Built Flask web application to automate messaging through Moodle.
  • Wrote automation to send tailored, templated messages to students offering suggestions and encouragement based on various progress triggers and performance metrics.
  • Wrote a student management system in Core Web API, MongoDb and Aurelia that automates registration, certification and regulatory reporting.
  • Later, led a rewrite of the frontend to Angular 12 and migrated the API to core 6.
  • Implemented multi-environment CI/CD and wrote Terraform scripts to build the stack in AWS.
Senior Software Engineer
Assurance Systems, Inc (remote)
October 2013 - November 2015
c#, mvc, typescript, angular-js, phantomjs, mongodb, postgresql, linux, aws
  • Feature and maintenance work across several products in bi-weekly sprints.
  • Designed and prototyped a cloud-based, distributed website scraper with phantomjs to asynchronously build rates for homeowner insurance prospects.
  • Re-architected a dated MS-SQL Server based data aggregation backend into a more secure, reliable and scalable event-based system, using PostgresSQL on AWS RDS.
  • Built proof of concept AngularJS frontend to progressively replace a Silverlight based client.
  • Rewrote our auth/auth stack to support single-sign-on and aliasing.
Senior Programmer Analyst
Raymond James (remote)
February 2007 - October 2013
c#, c++, vb6,, ms-sql, java, javascript
  • Reverse-engineered a third-party database and built an ETL sourced from our CMS system.
  • Wrote a Java integration to link a third-party settlement instructions database with our account management system.
  • Designed and led development on an MVC web application for entering/maintaining compliance related trading restrictions that directly integrated with our back-end trading system.
  • Wrote a new research management web application (full-stack), used by thousands of institutional traders and research analysts.
Developer/Systems Administrator
Alley Rehbaum & Capes (Clearwater, FL)
June 2005 - February 2007
python, javascript, turbogears, windows-server, postgresql, hylafax, linux
  • Responsible for all day-to-day admin duties, including general network management and security.
  • Handled all user support for the 50 person agency.
  • Wrote a BCP plan and implemented numerous plant improvements to support it.
  • Built a desktop fax client in python/wxWidgets on top of PostgreSQL and Hylafax that integrated with the AFW agency management system.
  • Reverse engineered the alarm panel's "accessory" port, (actually a serial printer port), then wrote a python script to notify the owners via email of daily building entry/exit.
  • Implemented a web portal that acted as a dashboard for the agency's agents, providing centralized alerts of various action items.
  • Built an market suggestion engine for non-renewals that proved invaluable when companies decided to drop a market or risk category en-masse.